Boris's philosophy

Getting a few hits from Boris Johnson's site after JG posted a comment there. I feel we ought to reciprocate and put Boris in one of our blogrolls. But here's my dilemma: should I put him in with the individualists or with the interventionists? It's not easy to decipher the philosophical basis of Boris's views.

Perhaps we should have a vote on it.



Bugger. The standard poll module on this site doesn't allow anonymous voting, which is going to make for a pretty narrow sample of opinion, if only registered users can vote. I've pulled the poll for a moment, while I try to find a module that allows anonymous voting. Hopefully be back with a new version soon.

I can't tell if anonymous voting is working or not, now. It should be, but it doesn't seem to be for me. Assuming it is working, I'm impressed with drupal (the software that runs this site). Quick search showed a replacement module that says it offers anonymous voting, and a minute or two later, it's installed and a new version of the poll is setup. Cool. (Or not if anonymous voting isn't allowed).