Whatever you do, don't get an education

Or your children will suffer. Headline in The Times today: University squeeze on children of graduates. Is there any need to say anything more? Can't get a much more obvious example of government picking losers. It's us. All of us (rich and poor alike).

Let's encourage the "right" people to go to university by telling them that they will then become the "wrong" people. Their children will have less chance of going to university than the children of people who were excluded in this generation. If you want the best for your child's education, make sure you marry someone with as little education as possible. Logic problem? Mixed message? Downright stupidity?

Well done Bill Rammell (Higher Education Minister). You have just made the case to middle-class parents for the advantages of not just private schooling but private higher education. Their children will be off to the University of Buckingham or abroad. Bequests (which the Government is trying to build up) should flow to those institutions on whose admissions policy the Government has no influence - i.e. not the state-funded universities.

Mind you, if Bill Rammell is an example of what an education can do for you, perhaps children of graduates are better-off without one. Seems to make you dumber. Or, to be fair to our universities, perhaps it's a question of "garbage in, garbage out". That sounds about right, not only with regard to Mr Rammell's education, but also for the promotion process within the Labour Party, and the pronouncements of most Ministers. We now have a fully-automated, fully-integrated shit-sprayer for a Government.