Rosie Boycott: Labour have made a hash of things

Rosie Boycott has just said on This Week that "in 1997 we were elated but actually we didn't have that many great big problems. And there are a lot of big problems: there is the war, there is the environment, there is the huge gap between the rich and the poor, you know we've had nine murders of young men in recent weeks, we've had gun crime, we've had all sorts of things that are awful." In anyone else's mouth, this would mean that the Tories left things in a pretty good state in 1997 and Labour have made a hash of things since then. But not in Rosie's world. These are problems that magically appeared out of nowhere, and Gordon's the man to tackle them. How do people with such a closed mind as Rosie get to edit newspapers? Or is that a requirement for the job nowadays (having just watched Piers Moron's vicious, contemptible performance on Question Time)?