Sean Ash sets the record straight

Following my post on the story in the News of the World about a couple (Sean and Chloe Ash) who have been driven apart by the benefits system, someone has posted a reply in the name of Sean Ash, wanting to put the record straight. Of course, one cannot tell on the internet if someone is really who he says he is, but it reads to me like it really is Sean - read it and judge for yourself.

Given that the NOTW and ConservativeHome wanted to make this an illustration of the wisdom of Ian Duncan Smith's proposals, particularly with regard to the £20/week tax-break for married couples, the following comments by Sean seem significant:

"I was not fighting for married couples to get more money, I am not a greedy man and I am very religious and value life over money any day of the week."

"It [the reason Sean contacted NOTW] was more to do with married couples on sickness benefits looking to return to work being awarded low affordable housing.. not MORE money."

It's interesting that a member of the Murdoch stable has chosen to twist a story to favour a feeble Tory proposal, contradicting the views of the person whose story they were supposedly telling. This tells us something both about the propagandizing nature of the Murdoch press, and about the fragility of Rupert's relationship with Gordon.