ConservativeHome has competition

Welcome to a new blog - ToryHome - that has been setup to put the Cameroonian perspective on stories in the news. It appears to have some relation to Chad Noble, the dormant Centre for Progressive Conservatism, and You may want to look at their logo and review their first post to get the true flavour of the site. You may also want to weep (with laughter or pity) at the comments posted there (and naive responses to Father Jack's comments on other sites).

For more conventional but equally biting analysis, my current recommendations from the many excellent blogs listed in our blogrolls are Tim Worstall and Bishop Hill. In particular, I loved this pithy piece from the bishop. It is essentially the same criticism - fiddling while Rome burns - that we made here about the £20/week tax-credit proposal. "Cretinous half-arsed half-witted half-formed twaddle" indeed.



Another fan of ToryHome.