What Callamity did next

I should have known better than to think that politicians and civil servants would have learnt from Callamity's disastrous tenures at Ofgem and the FSA.

In fact, he stepped straight from the FSA into a job as a Non-Exec member of the Treasury Board. Naturally, this position was obtained in the face of stiff competition and careful assessment, and had nothing to do with "jobs for the boys".

Nick Macpherson, Treasury Permanent Secretary and Chair of the Treasury Board was excited but trepidatious about his new member's fearsome reputation for holding to rigorous account the organisations that he supervises:

"I am delighted to welcome Deirdre, Callum and Michael to the Board. They bring extensive experience to supporting and challenging the Board’s work and I look forward to working with them".

Just the sort of "challenge" that a civil servant likes, I should imagine.

Starting this new role at the ripe age of 64, Callamity's public-sector pension must be looking better by the minute.