Labour spend more on advertising than Tesco and M&S combined!

Supermarket giant Tesco and revitalised high-street giant Marks & Spencer spent £67m and £66m on advertising last year respectively. If you combine their advertising budgets you are still a way off matching the amount of money this government has wasted in its own self-publication advertising in the past twelve months. They have managed to burn up £137m television adverts, radio stations, billboards, newspapers, cinemas and other outlets. What an incredible waste of money!  When they are not telling us how to live our lives, they are misusing public money to further the Labour party’s agenda and self-interest. It is not how the electorate expect their money to be spent and yet they appear to be getting away with it. Our taxes are not meant to be spent on publicising the Labour party nor drumming home relentlessly on how we should live our lives. Stop wasting our money and stop nannying us.