Fine those MPs who take advantage of their position

I've just picked up this story for Recess Monkey and also Opposition Greater Romania Party MP Corneliu Bichinet has come up with one of the most sensible and amusing policy plans for keeping Romanian MPs in check - and I am backing it for use in the UK. Mr Bichinet has proposed that all MPs are weighed at the start and the end of their tenure and taxed heavily if they have exceeded a weight limit as a way of curbing long and expensive lunches. Any that have put on more than 50kg would be judged guilty of cashing in on their position and would have to pay fines. He quoted as saying "Most of them are skinny when they are elected, and yet invariably at the end they turn into big fatties. MPs who put on 50kg should be punished because it shows they took advantage of their public position." Genius.

Of course, 50kg is over 7 and half stone - Romanian MPs must really be living it up over lunch time and spending the tax payers' money on some serious food and pretty special vintage wine - maybe our MPs aren't so bad after all - though I'm not sure if the likes of John Prescott could carry another 50kgs around even if he tried!