Stop bullying us with your legislation, Tony

It has been reported today that there are 266 different legislative powers in which the state has a right to enter our homes - and we're not just talking about Policemen with search warrants. The over legislating, under thinking, government gives more protection in our own homes to burly jobsworths from local car pound than it does to ourselves. What is more worrying, however is the penalties that can be dished out for obstructing the heavy mobs from forcing their way in. These include heavy fines and even prison sentences of up to two years!

The Government's response to this will be, no doubt, that if you don't break the law it won't be a problem. But imagine someone comes round to your house, tells you that they work for a government agency that you owe money to and if you don't let them in they will not only force their way in but if you resist you could get sent to prison for two years. You don't really have time to check out the case law on this one so you are completely at the mercy of whatever this guy tells you (unless of course you have learnt and fully understood all 266 laws). This nannying government continues to legislate its way through every single problem it comes across when a bit of common sense will do. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in a court, but I bet 99% of are ignorant of the law as there are so many it's impossible to know who's telling the truth and who is taking advantage of their position.

A barrister, named Harry Snooks has brought this whole issue to light by drawing together the full list of entry powers in the state's possession. He has also come up with a very simple alternative that protects us in our private homes and will still be an effective tool to use against the law breakers. "Officials should always seek permission to enter a home; a reasonable time for entry should be specified; and state officials should always have to get a warrant before they can force entry to a private home." It's not rocket science and if they really do have good reason to burst in to your home, they shouldn't have trouble getting a warrant.