It's our money, we have a right to know how you are spending it.

The old saying in politics goes "Turkeys don't vote for Christmas", and it seems the turkeys in the House of Commons are no different. Senior Ministers will back plans to give exemptions to MPs in certain areas of the Freedom of Information Act. The measures will mean restrictions on the release of MPs expenses claims in to the public domain. So whilst the rest of the public sector will be under the scrutiny of FoI, the very people who voted it in in the first place will be exempt. Labour MP David Winnick - an opponent of the measure - said "It will be the height of hypocrisy if parliament, having passed the freedom of information legislation, decided that we should be exempt from it." Lid Dem MP Norman Baker has described it as outrageous. And I agree. What have they got to hide? What makes them different to the rest of the public sector? Why do they treat those who pay their wages (and expenses) with such contempt?

The Guardian today names and shames these purveyors of contempt and supporters of these un-needed, un-warranted and un-democratic measures to include Tessa Jowell, the culture secretary; Tom McNulty, police minister; Andy Burnham, health minister; Ian Pearson, climate change minister; John Healey, financial secretary to the Treasury; and Keith Hill, parliamentary private secretary to Tony Blair. I hope this fails or how will we know if Eric Joyce has managed to beat his record of £44,985 claimed in a single year? Or whether Janet Anderson MP has travelled more than her 52,000 miles she clocked up last year paid for by you and me the tax payer. It's our money, we have a right to know how you are spending it.