MTAS has collapsed, don't let it happen with ID cards

Congratulations to Dr Crippen for his massive success in getting the deficient NHS recruitment IT system shut down. Whilst it is too late for all those people who have had their personal details disclosed and for the tax payers who have had to stump up for this mess, at least it is a real disclosure that this government can not do IT projects. Now will the government accept that it can not do IT projects and shelve plans for the ID card scheme? I doubt it, but I hope the electorate take note. An ID card scheme will be far, far bigger on scale and will hold personal details (like the MTAS) on all of us. Do you still trust the government to keep the details secure? I certainly don't, and I don't want to pay the billions of pounds to test this fear either. Scrap it now, Gordon (you are in charge, right?) for the sake of our security and our bank balances.

Whilst on an NHS note - it is reported today that the number of people working in the NHS fell by more than 17,000 between 2005 and 2006. Is the NHS not a desirable place to work, where you are appreciated for the hard work you do? Why is everyone leaving? I wonder why?