Sort this out before it's too late

"Private security staff who operate prison vans will decide from today whether young adults awaiting trial in London are mentally strong enough to survive in the toughest prisons." I had to read that sentence a few times before I realised I read it right in the first place. Indeed, according to the Guardian, White Van Man will be doubling up as Sigmund Freud. What is going on? The article continues "Serco private escort officers staffing the vans which move prisoners between courts and prisons in London will decide whether a young adult on remand is too much of a suicide risk to be held at an adult prison and should be sent instead to Feltham young offender institution." If I were one of these van drivers I would point blank refuse - you can not put that sort of responsibility on security staff who have no training or understanding of psychology. Has the government sunk to new depths in trying to cut costs with this one? The uproar from the first suicide of a young adult who was deemed fit enough by a van driver to go in to a tough prison will be massive and quite rightly - I would not want to be the van driver who made that decision nor would I want to be the minister behind all this. The fact is, one of those two has been forced in to the situation, the other is entirely responsible.