You are under arrest for possession of an egg with intent to throw

If ever proof were needed that the more the government intervene the more damage they actually do here it is. The government think that the best way to improve policing is tell the policemen exactly how to their job. This has led to officers arresting more and more easy targets just to boost government figures. Rather like my previous post, it is easy for the government to get headline grabbing figures like - "Police arrest more criminals under Labour" - but that is not the point. What are they arresting people for is more relevant. Well, I will tell you what they arresting and cautioning people for: (these are all genuine reasons for arrest or caution according to the Police Federation)

  • Possession of an egg with intent to throw
  • Throwing a slice of cucumber (otherwise known as assault)
  • Criminal damage (bride's foot slips on accelerator on wedding day, hits parking barrier)
  • Child throwing a bun at a bus
  • Man throwing glass of water over girlfriend's head; and rather brilliantly:
  • Two children arrested under gun laws for being in possession of a toy pistol

And the government wonders why the police don't hold the respect of the public that they used to. We're all criminals under this sort of society. A spokesman for the Police federation has said “We have got into the situation where everyone is so busy chasing targets and securing ticks in boxes we are on the verge of distancing ourselves from Middle England.” Let the police get on with their job and stop trying to win pointless headlines with your meaningless targets.



"...we are on the *verge* of distancing ourselves from Middle England."

I believe the spokesman should spend a little less time in the evidence room...