More failed Government IT projects

Reports of another government failing IT project.  This time it is the sex offender computer system.  It is being hit by delays due to failed software tests.  In the meantime it is the public who are most at risk. Nick Herbert, the shadow Police minister, said: "This further delay potentially increases the risk to the public. Three years after the Bichard Inquiry we're barely any closer to the implementation of a national database."  Sir Michael Bichard's inquiry was set up in light of the Soham murders and his recommendations were to be set up as a matter of "urgency".  All in all, this has cost the tax payer £65m so far and three years down the line we have nothing to show for all that cash.  This was to be part of the larger Police National Database to be introduced in 2010 - which is now looking very unlikely because it has unacceptably slow search times!

It has also been reported that the National Gun database has not been set up yet - 11 years after the recommendations coming out of the Dumblane massacre!  The reason - IT related of course.  ID cards, anyone?