The HIPs loophole

So after all the fuss, u-turns, backtracking, re-packaging, delays, spin and farce it seems that HIPs may not be enforceable after all!  That is right,  even if the government does go ahead with its pseudo-implementation on 1st August, there are loopholes which will mean houses can still go on the market with that all important information pack.  According to the FT:

"While the regulations require sellers to order a HIP, the only element of the pack that has to be delivered and paid for as part of the sale is the energy performance certificate - a £100 "fridge-style" rating of its energy efficiency. Unscrupulous estate agents and vendors could bypass the requirement to pay for the searches and other legal documents in the HIP without breaking the law, the RICS [The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors] argued."

So, even if HIPs do go ahead and even if the extension to three bedroom and less houses does actually ever get introduced (the latter of which I very much doubt) then the system will be open to abuse anyway.  Surely it is time for the government to make this whole thing optional.  It is just getting more and more farcical by the day.

In other news, Ruth Kelly's attempt to organise a drinks function at her local brewery have failed.