Compensation culture gone barmy

In the past few months I have gone on about letting our children take a few risks and if they fall over and crack a bone then all the more for them in terms of growing up.  Putting children in cotton wool isn't going to benefit anyone - not least our hopes of Olympic gold in 2012 or our prospects for waging another immoral war somewhere.  Well, maybe, just maybe, our councils are listening.  The ultra PC world of local government is having to fork out some serious cash at the moment because of cuts and grazes to children in the playground.  Amazingly, children injured at English schools received an estimated £2 million in compensation last year.  This included draw dropping claims such as the £5,000 to a pupil whose finger was struck by a cricket ball - let me guess, he was playing cricket?  Tends to happen every now and then when you play cricket.  Far be from me to condone bullying, but what a wet child (or opportunistic parent...) - I bet he got some stick in the playground.  Or there is this gem:  Now I don't know the story behind this, so if anyone can fill me in I'd love to now, but one kid was paid nearly £6,000 after he had broken in to a school at night.  This is verging on US hot drinks in McDonalds territory.

One little lovey was paid £21,500, after they suffered a back strain during a drama lesson.  Another got £3,400after breaking an arm in the playground.  Who didn't get a broken arm in the playground when they were a kid?  Three and half grand for a broken arm - this is a serious business for any budding entrepreneurs.  It goes on, £13,097 to a pupil in the Thamesdown area who, wait for it... tripped up.  I hate to say it, but accidents no longer exist - someone is always to blame, however unlikely or ridiculous, and it is never the goon that tripped up in the first place.