The Government cop-out

We have, to a certain degree, an anti-social drinking problem in this country.  The solution?  Ban it.  But what are the real causes of this problem?  It doesn't matter - ban it.  We are told today that nearly 200 MPs now want the Government to stop supermarkets selling cut-price drink after a senior policeman appealed for action to tackle drunken youths.  There also reports that a "top cop" wants to ban drinking outdoors (that'll confuse the alcoholic smokers!).  Yes, there have been various drinking related problems recently - particularly with the young.  But I'm sure there have been these problems ever since the first teenager was introduced to the first pint of beer.  Why should the rest of us pay more for and be restricted where we drink just because there is a wider issue here that is far more complex and deep rooted than the cost of a four pack?

What a complete cop-out by the government to try and claim that society’s ills are all bourn out of price of alcohol!  It is amazing they get away with these sorts of insulting claims when they should be bearing far more responsibility.  This is not a drink problem.  If it were why has it only just come about?  Why do they seem to be able to be more liberal with the drinking laws in Europe without the levels of associated antisocial behaviour we have here?  Alcohol and antisocial behaviour is merely a symptom of far more deep rooted problems, often caused by the intervention of the government rather than by liberalisation.  Unfortunately, it looks like once again we will have pay for the problems of a minority that the government can’t be bothered to look at the real causes of or tackle properly.  While this is their philosophy the problems will remain.