Education standards are too low from an early age

Continuing the theme of declining standards in education, government statistics from the Department for Children, Schools and Families reveal that for the second year running writing standards amongst seven year olds had fallen.  They also showed no improvement in areas such as Maths or Science.  Now, what this means it is hard to sure – it does indicated that at least they aren’t lowering the standards to improve the headline figures.  The results have shown, however, that one in five seven year olds is not reaching the minimum required standard for reading and writing.  It also showed a worrying trend, particularly in writing between girls and boys.  Only 75% of boys had reached the required standards for writing whereas 86% of girls had reached this standard.  Put another way, one in four boys is not equipped with the basic writing skills that is expected of a seven year old.  No wonder they have to dumb down by the time they get to GCSE.