HIPs Episode 1007

The first casualties of the HIPs fiasco have already fallen.  It is being reported that many of the first packs have to be scrapped because they have been deemed invalid.  It is also reported that other packs are being held up because local councils are obstructing people conducting land surveys - a crucial part of the packs.  And to make matters worse for the government next week, both the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as well as the National Association of Estate Agents are expected to report that the housing market has suffered a substantial slowdown as a result of the scheme.  Things are only likely to get worse as well - today the scheme is officially rolled out to three bedroom houses and flats.  This will include 1.25 million properties, an estimated two-thirds of the 1.9 million houses that are put up for sale each year.

It is also reported that the Energy efficiency certificates are not being correctly awarded by inspectors who are filling in forms incorrectly in a number of cases - therefore invalidating them.  These problems are then not spotted on government databases for some weeks. The debacle continues.  I hate to say I told you so, but...