Oh to be a Lib Dem

It must be great coming up with policies for the Lib Dems. OK, they have no chance of ever winning anything, but that is the point - they know this and can say absolutely anything. If I were a Lib Dem policy maker I'd ensure that our manifesto included free beer for everyone, the three day weekend, Christmas would be twice a year, I'd abolish all taxes and reduce carbon emissions in the UK to zero. Of course, they wouldn't promise any of these things because they are obsessed with trying to sound like a credible opposition. Well, I say they haven't taken any of these on board - they have of course promised to reduce Britain's carbon emissions from energy sources to zero (without using nuclear power). They also plan on phasing out the petrol car. Both promises are impossible to ever even contemplate delivering in the timescales they are talking (2050). So it comes as no surprise that they have come top a green audit by the Green Alliance. Of course they are the most green party - they can say whatever they like about the environment safe in the knowledge they will never be put in charge of managing it!