The Government got it wrong, wrong, wrong

Ed Balls has finally admitted that the government has got it wrong on education over the past ten years and that their pledge to have their three main priorities as education, education, education has been a total failure.  At least, he inadvertently implied it anyway - you didn't really think he'd actually say that do you?!

Despite only a month ago the government dismissing claims that exams were getting easier and the education system has been dumbed down, the children's secretary is expected to announce today plans to split the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in two. One body will establish and oversee the curriculum and exams system, the other will act as regulator.  This will effectively create an independent exams watchdog.  The move is being compared to Brown's decision to make the Bank of England independent in 1997.  Balls hope that it will quell the annual dumbing down debate.  In practice, not only is this an admission that Labour got it wrong but it means when it goes wrong in the future they can blame the "independent" body.  All for the princely sum of £144m invoiced to the taxpayer.