Improved schools = worse basic skills....?

Today's papers report that many schools are now achieving the government's target of five good GCSE's but the figures are much lower when maths and English are taken into account. Some schoolmasters encourage pupils to take easier subjects to gain a higher position for their school in league tables.

Government targets, instead of improving the education system, have had the effect of lowering standards. Many businesses find it difficult to recruit young people as they lack the basic skills. This has forced some companies to look for new recruits from overseas. The government reforms of the system have not yet produced any results and if the downward trend continues the UK is in a serious threat of losing its competitivness and economic strength its intellectual workforce has provided so far.   




Once this Country had been dishonestly, signed up to the European Common Market in 1973, our ability to Govern ourselves has been passed away to Brussels, the UN and almost anyone who asks.

There is now "Human Rights" law that takes not no account of the safety of the general public. Or the Taxpayers for that matter. It wont cost much, and not that many people will be Murdered by Immigrants, Asylum Seekers or those Prisoners who just walk out of "Open Prisons" Why worry about it?

Now, if you are really serious about changing the system, why not use the Technology that is available to every person in the land, and simply remove the Elected MPs power to levy and collect Taxation. I assure you, if you mean what you say, you can make a start tomorrow.

Here is a list of those Organisations who are Sympathetic to this idea. I do not claim we agree on everything. My expertise is the Law, Taxation and how to Avoid it. :-

Adam Smith Institute. Civitas. Politeia. n.e.r.a: The Freedom Association. The Taxpayers Alliance. Reform. Eastern Daily Press. Centre for Policy Studies. National Association of Pension Funds. The Globalisation Instute. BBC Action Network. Tax Control Blogspot:-

There are others but thats a start. Thank You for your attention. Regards, ATF.