Policy Announcements, Tuesday 28 August

Lib Dems  

  • The Liberal Democrats have set out plans aimed at making Britain carbon neutral by 2050. Included in the 10-point plan to be debated at next month's party conference are measures to improve the rail networks and increase lorry tolls on motorways. Under the proposals, the UK would set a target of 30 per cent of electricity coming from non-nuclear, carbon-free sources by 2020, rising to 100 per cent by 2050. The paper, published on Tuesday, noted that the government is aiming for an emissions cut of 60 per cent and the Conservatives of 80 per cent. And under the measures, green taxes would be introduced to target the polluter, with any extra revenue used to reduce income tax. There would be "green mortgages" to help people make their homes more energy efficient.  


  • The Conservatives say "long-term generational change" is needed to fight crime - not a "knee-jerk" response. Violent video games should be curbed, parents urged to be more responsible, and schools should be reformed, David Cameron said. The Tory plan to tackle crime would see the prison early release scheme cut, and licensing laws reformed.