Policy Announcements, Wednesday 29 August


  • The government has unveiled new regulations which will see graphic images placed on tobacco products as part of the latest drive to put people off smoking. The 15 images - chosen after a public consultation and vote - include pictures of diseased lungs alongside cancer warnings, and a foetus with warnings on the dangers babies face when exposed to smoke. All cigarette and tobacco packs will include the images by the end of 2009, with manufacturers forced to use them by late next year.  


  • Immigration over the past decade has been "too high" and needs to be better controlled, Conservative leader David Cameron has told the BBC's Newsnight. People's concerns were "not because of different cultures" or the colour of someone's skin but pressure on schools, hospitals and housing, he said. In a wide-ranging interview he said the Conservative Party had "fire in its belly" and was ready for an election. He also defended his shadow ministers' right to have jobs outside politics.