Policy Announcements, Wednesday 12 September


  • Firms such as McDonald's and Vodafone could have their staff training schemes accredited by the government, John Denham has said. The innovation, universities and skills secretary called for an end to the "outdated" distinction between vocational training offered by employers and traditional providers. Speaking ahead of his appearance at the CBI Skills Summit in London, Denham announced he had asked the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to consult on how a national system of accreditation for employers' training schemes could work. He said: "This government recognises that the training that many organisations offer is of a very high standard.  
  • Secretary of State for Transport, Ruth Kelly, today announced an extra £1.2million to train van drivers in greener, safer driving techniques. The Safe and Fuel Efficient Drivers (SAFED) scheme aims to encourage driving techniques that save fuel, thereby cutting costs and CO2 emissions. Since its launch, the Department for Transport has invested nearly £2.2million in the scheme. The training has been immensely popular and so far the programme has trained nearly 7,800 drivers. Drivers who completed the training found they achieved an average 16% improvement in miles per gallon, giving a potential annual fuel saving of £3.3million and CO2 emissions reduction of 9,350 tonnes, equivalent to an average of £425 for each van driver and a reduction for CO2 emissions of around 1.2 tonnes.