The England Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative

The what? You really couldn't make it up. According to a Government press release today, there are apparently there are now thirty-nine dedicated "Catchment Sensitive Farming Officers". I'm sure they are doing a grand job, preventing pesticides harming drinking water and that farmers are really grateful for the "local advice and technical support" they are getting.

Or put it another way, I'm sure farmers will see this as yet more interference by busy bodies trying to tell them how to run a farm effectively. Has anyone actually asked them if they welcome it?


PS Please comment on this - I have subscribed for notifications of replies and comments, which I hadn't doen before.



The ability to subscribe is new. The previous module - Notify - works bluntly by sending an email once a day containing notification of all new activity (posts and/or comments) on the site. I'll leave it there in case anyone wants it, but I prefer the Subscription module's approach that we are now using. Let's see if you get notified of this.

Almost immediately. I can't subscribe again - do I stay subscribed? Are you getting a notification of this?


Yes. This seems to be working roughly as desired. You don't need to subscribe again. You can modify your subscriptions through the "My Subscriptions" link in the Navigation menu in the left-hand column. I believe you can also get at it through "My Account".

It came through on email just after yours.