Gordon's Business Council

Is Gordon having problems with his new Business Council already? Curiously, if you go to the No 10 website and look at the index of press releases, there is no mention of the one announcing his plan for the cosy group of corporates advising him (already comments on by bgprior here)

Even more curiously, you can still find the release on the No 10 site if you know where to look. So here it is, if you are struggling.

And just in case even that is taken down, for those who want to see the list, it's reproduced below:

  • Sir Richard Branson: Founder, Virgin Group
  • Damon Buffini: Managing Partner, Permira
  • Sir William Castell: Chair, Wellcome Trust
  • Mervyn Davies: Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sir Rod Eddington: Director, News Corporation
  • Dr Jean Pierre Garnier: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Glaxo SmithKline
  • Stephen Green: Chairman, HSBC
  • Tony Hayward: CEO, BP
  • Sir Terry Leahy: CEO, Tesco
  • Sir John Parker: Chair, National Grid
  • Sir John Rose: CEO, Rolls Royce
  • Stuart Rose: CEO, Marks and Spencer
  • Arun Sarin: CEO, Vodafone
  • Dame Marjorie Scardino: CEO, Pearson
  • Sir Alan Sugar: Chair and CEO, Amstrad