Is Jonathan Porritt Britain's most irritating man?

I can't even be bothered to explain why - I think he just is. Anyone else agree?




I must have led a very sheltered life. Who is Jonathan Porritt?

ATFlynn,  Taxcuter.


You reassure me - maybe it's only me who's fixated by him. Self-appointed voice of the whingeing environmental-fixated (upper) middle classes, turned Government-appointed Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission. As you are pressing me to explain, why not start with his Wikipedia entry?

George Monbiot and Jim Lovelock beat Porritt, if we're looking at greens (though I have to give credit to George on his attitude to the recent floods). Simon Heffer has a good shout at the nomination from the other side. Even though I quite often agree with him, the manner of his presentation of his arguments can almost persuade you to disagree with a position you agree with. And if this weren't limited to the male half of the species, I'd say Jeanette Winterson would be a strong runner. Never knowingly intelligible.

If it's limited to greens, some of the nonsense David "Dave" Cameron spouts has him fairly near the top of my list. Though given that Cameron is probably actually genuinely concerned about green issues about as much your average Texan, I guess he doesn't count.

In my eyes he lost his credibility in the 80's when he had to admit on childrens tv that his baby wore disposable nappies.

Which have now been shown to be no worse for the environment than traditional nappies, but he didn't know that at the time.