Easier exams means bad doctors

The Daily Mash has really hit the nail on the head today. Yesterday I wrote about the incredibly stupid idea of encouraging more people to take up science at GCSE by making the exams easier. Today the Daily Mash reports:

Brain surgery exams are to be made much easier because not enough people are applying to become brain surgeons, the Government has announced.

...Under the new regime people will secure a pass mark if they can point to a brain on a table and then point to their heads to show they know where their own brain lives.

...The new easier brain exams are one of a whole host of tests the Government is making more simple because too many people are failing.

For example, the new driving test which is being introduced next April will no longer regard driving the wrong way up a motorway as an automatic fail.

Under the Government’s new brain regime anyone with a relevant qualification, such as a City and Guilds in carpentry or at least two years work experience as a plumber’s mate, will be able to sit the simplified exam, and not just already qualified doctors.

Jack Weil, head of on-the-job training for Drain Doctors in Dundee, said... “The household toilet is very similar to the human brain, once it gets filled up with shit you’ve got a real problem."

Brilliant! Read the whole article here.



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