About Us

One of the most damaging fallacies that all governments suffer is that they can improve the workings of our economy and society by "picking winners". In fact almost every "targeted" government action does more harm than good. This website aims to draw attention to the worst examples of policies which are in fact "picking losers".

Whenever economic or social problems emerge, governments are expected to intervene and save the day. It takes a brave politician to argue that the government cure can be worse than the disease. We want to encourage a climate in which governments - and more importantly the people who elect them - recognise the limits of their powers and do less not more. We do not intend this to be a personal attack on individuals, but on policies and the way they are implemented.

This site aims to create a debate by drawing attention to the downsides of government intervention. We want to focus not only on the obvious cases of government waste and incompetence, but the more subtle examples where a seemingly innocuous or well-meaning policy will have far-reaching damaging outcomes.

We are particularly keen to encourage posts relating personal experience of dealing with government, where the system has obviously failed to serve us as taxpayers and electors.

Once registered, you can not only submit your own stories, but also vote on everyone else's entries. Every month, we will be awarding one policy and its proposer the "Loser of the Month" accolade for the worst idea that month.