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The saga continues

05 Mar 2007 - JG

And back to an old favourite. The NHS and IT systems.

It has been announced that the NHS will start recruiting a new IT supplier to its troubled £6.2bn IT upgrade project this month in the clearest sign yet that it has completely cocked up and wasted billions of pounds. The integrated system will never work and never be fully implemented and this is the surest sign we have had yet. The government still won't admit that this whole project has been a shambles and gross misuse of public funds. Expect the spin machine to go in to over drive very soon. In the meantime, can someone please come up with an alternative to the mismanagement we are currently receiving on the NHS? As bgprior commented on an early post, to even mention the words privatisation and NHS in the same breath is heretical. But surely everyone can now see that the successive Government have tried and failed with the NHS and something radical needs to be done with it.

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