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Taxing the bad and rewarding the good... the final straw

13 Mar 2007 - JG

Can someone please inject some common sense in to the Environment debate? It is really starting to get out of hand and I fear will bankrupt us all! It seems that the major parties can justify doing anything just by linking it to the doomsday apocalypse that is climate change. It is more effective at getting policies accepted by the electorate than the cold war or the war on terror ever was. And it is David Cameron who is really leading the field at the moment.

After promising that his brilliant new idea to tax the frequent (and not so frequent) flier would be offset by tax breaks elsewhere, we now know what he meant. It means that he is going to tax the hell of us and then use the money to interfere with our lives. The Independent reports "-Money that a Conservative government would raise from taxing air travel will be used on schemes such as tax breaks for married couples, David Cameron has promised-." It goes on "-His aim is to offer a double whammy to encourage people to behave in ways that the Tory leader thinks are good for society.-" In a BBC interview yesterday he incredibably called it "-taxing the bad and rewarding the good-". Who does he think he is? Is he some sort of modern day twisted Robin Hood? Since when was he crowned the moral judge of what is right and what is wrong? I do not not need this buffoon guiding me through the moral maze. I just hope for his sake that one day something isn't revealed to show him up not to be the righteous, moralistic, perfect man that he likes to portray - but I think that day will come and we all know what it's going to be. If Dave has indulged in activities of an shady nature in the past, then that is his business as far as I'm concerned, but I won't be defending him if he thinks that he has some sort of right to interfere and comment on my private life.

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