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More Nannying...

25 Apr 2007 - JG

When will this government learn that the more it interferes in our lives the worse things get? Why do they insist they know better all the time? The latest piece of interfering comes in the form of a £30m initiative (paid for by us...) for a new academy to coach parents on how to control tearaway children. Apparently this new academy will act as an "international and national hub" to promote the latest ideas on how to raise children and implement recent Government reforms, including new courses designed to improve the bond between fathers and their children and catch-up lessons for parents with literacy and numeracy problems, according to the Telegraph. Not sure what they or the government mean by that, however. An International hub? What is this government on about and where does it come up with these ideas?

Jill Kirby, chairman of the family committee at the Centre for Policy Studies has said "-This smacks of yet another attempt by the state to intervene in family life. Instead of trying to nationalise the family they should be focused on providing the services one expects of the state, like good schools-." The Government provides schools but have tied the hands of teachers so much so that they have little control over the kids. Crime is heading out of control and the government's failed drugs policies are fuelling this. This nannying state that we are spiralling ever further in to is the catalyst for these problems, not the solution - taking responsibility away from the individual and blaming and criminalising so many gives a sense of nothing to lose or live up to. Too much nannying has never worked in any society and it is not working in ours, so please stop wasting our money and infringing on our lives.

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