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The NHS circus continues

03 May 2007 - JG

From one IT system to another. The MTAS chaos rumbles on and the full reprocussions are going to be felt by the mugs that paid for it in the place - the users and funders of the NHS, you and me. Patricia "only a few weeks left and I'm out of the job" Hewitt has insisted that the system will not be put back up until the DoH is satisfied that all the problems with it have been resolved. And quite rightly, though it doesn't mean that the knock on effects aren't going to create even more trouble. This has led to warnings from consultants that operations could postponed this summer due to a shortage of junior doctors. Stephen Campion, the chief executive of the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association, told channel four news last night that he knew of at least one trust which had cancelled all leave for consultants to ensure there were enough staff to cope with patients booked in for operations and other treatment in August. It will also mean that Government targets will be missed as operations stack up, meaning more pressure put on the trusts to get their figures in order. The NHS circus continues.

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