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Think tank urges NHS independence

01 Jun 2007 - JG

It has been a focus for debate on Picking Losers for some time and like the idea or loath it, the Nuffield Trust health think-tank has called for greater independence from day-to-day political control for the NHS. Professor Edwards from the Trust think-tank believes that the NHS should be modelled on the BBC approach. He said "-The NHS can never be totally removed from political debate and challenge but an independent body with a stable, visible and respected leadership might find it easier to open up public and professional debate-" He also highlighted one of the major reasons for inefficiency in the NHS, that being "-the government's targets are not their targets-".

There is still speculation that Brown will announce some sort of Bank of England-esqu independence for the NHS in his first 100 days. The question remains, however, will this be a step in the right direction or will it create an unaccountable, equally expensive and inefficient service?

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