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No confidence in the government to handle the NHS

15 Jun 2007 - JG

And so to the BMA's annual conference where GPs voted on various issues. There were unanimous votes to carry the following motions:

This conference has no confidence in

  1. the UK government's handling of the National Health Service,

  2. the Secretary of State for Health in England

Not one for the CV there, Patricia. In fact, not a great advert for the government's running of the NHS - pretty fundamental stuff! GP's accused the government of squandering millions of pounds of tax payers' money and wasting a golden opportunity to transform the NHS. This was then followed by a heckler calling for Hewitt's head which was duly greeted with loud cheers from the audience. Another bad day at the office for poor old Pat.

No all was bad though, it has given me one of my favourite departmental spokesman comments for some time -"A -constructive and balanced contribution from the BMA as to how we continue to improve care for patients would be more welcome-." No attempt to argue with any of the actual content there, more of "don't be so nasty, we have feelings too" type response. If it's any consolation, Ms Hewitt, whoever takes over your role will get just as rough a ride as they take on the impossible. In fact, if Gordon gets his way, this may well get worse. If the BMA has no confidence in the government's handling of the NHS, what makes them think a new one will do any better?

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