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The Liberal Tory Labour Party

20 Jun 2007 - JG

The Tories are pledging to create an independent NHS board that will take the day-to-day running of the health service out of the hands of ministers. Brilliant! Who came up with that idea? As regular readers of Picking Losers will know (and just about everyone else who reads a newspaper) it was Gordon Brown. Instead of trying to create new policies and actually offer an alternative, the Tories are once again just pursuing the tactic that Cameron will be more trusted and liked than Gordon Brown so if they have the same policies they will win. It isn't going to work though. Gordon Brown is far too canny to be beaten on that and will make the Tories look stupid. A recent poll has also shown that the Tory party really is struggling to shake off the "nasty party" image and that while Cameron maybe seen as a nice chap, his party is seen as racist and old fashioned. While Brown is seen as trust worthy and a big time, heavy weight politician. If they are just going to copy the government, what exactly is the point of the Tory party anymore?  And with news that Brown is hoping to get a few Lib Dems in to his cabinet, it begs the question, what is the point of the three main political parties anymore? They are all pretty much the same policies just wrapped in different packaging.

Topics: Health

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