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New Government, same old MTAS

29 Jun 2007 - JG

Good bye Tony. Hello Gordon. Cabinet reshuffle. The Miliband brothers. Jacqui Smith. DCSF. DIUS. DBERR. Car bomb found in the West End. Spice girls reforming. It's been a busy 24 hours or so. So busy in fact, then what better day to "bury” some bad news? Well an old favourite (or not) hasn't slipped under the Picking Losers' radar. The online Modern Training Application Service (MTAS) is still haunting young doctors and the Department of Health even though it was dead and buried (or not) way back in April. Welcome to your first day in office Mr Johnson. Just because I like you, doesn't mean I'm going to stop criticising the NHS.

The BMA are claiming that parts of the discredited application process are still in place. Good old Hewitt (still in the line fire despite her exit) had promised that those applying in the second round of interviews would be able to provide CVs. However Jo Hilborne, of the British Medical Association, said that in some areas doctors were still unable to submit them. A departmental spokesman has promised "If there are cases where these things are not being adhered to by deaneries, we would be grateful if the BMA could provide us with examples, which we will follow up." A denial of sorts there, from the DH, that there is a problem. My money is on the BMA.


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