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How do you confuse an NHS worker?

11 Jul 2007 - JG

"-The reality on the ground is that there is a gloomy mood. There has been an awful lot of change in a short period. Staff feel overwhelmed by it.”- New Health Secretary Alan Johnson Arthur Fonzarelli last week announcing the “once in a generation” NHS review.

"-The most radical reform of NHS services since 1948 - designed to halve the number of patients needing hospital care-." Interview in the Guardian today with the newly-appointed health minister, Sir Ara Darzi who will oversee the review.

Get your story straight fellas. The Guardian claims that the interview is the "-the clearest signal yet that Gordon Brown wants to quicken the pace of NHS reform-". What sort of a mixed signal is this government giving to the NHS and its workers at the moment? Just when you think the whole organisation couldn't possibly get any worse, then even the claptrap from government officials starts to fall apart. If anyone has any idea what the government’s policy actually is on the NHS, please let me know.

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