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D-Day at the NHS

31 Jul 2007 - JG

Following up another long running story that will go "live" tomorrow is the big doctor change over.  Thanks to some brilliant planning at the DoH, 30,000 junior doctors will all change jobs at once tomorrow.  It will mean that many patients who have been waiting months for routine surgery - such as a hip replacement or hernia repairs - will have to rejoin waiting lists all over again.  There have also been fears, going back many months now, that patient health will be put as risk in the chaos.  Remedy UK, which represents junior doctors - a role which many feel the British Medical Association has failed at - has warned patients: 'Wednesday is a bad day to go into hospital.' 

It is reported that many junior doctors will have no experience in the areas of medicine in which they are working, will not know their way around the hospital and will be absent from the wards as they attend induction days.  There are also possibly up to 2,000 doctors who have not been allocated training posts as a result of the disaster that was MTAS.  All in all a pretty shambolic period in the NHS's history that will climax tomorrow.  I suggest you do get any serious illness for the next couple of weeks.

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