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Junior doctor change over runs smoothly/was a complete shambles

02 Aug 2007 - JG

So, depending on who you believe - yesterday's changeover at the NHS was either a smooth transition with no problems whatsoever or it was a complete shambles.  My cynical money is on the shambles.  Fortunately, I was not hit by a car nor had some other freak accident so managed to keep myself out of hospital yesterday.  As such I have no first hand evidence of what it was all like.   The BMA, however did and said that hospitals were encountering "a catalogue of problems" as they rushed to fill hundreds of junior doctor posts after the appointment system was plagued by errors.  The government took an ever so slightly different line stating that 30,000 junior doctors moved into new NHS posts across Britain yesterday without the disruption to patient care predicted by the BMA.

Whatever was the reality on the ground yesterday, I find it hard to believe that there were no hitches.  There were no reports of any serious incidences of with regard to patient care, but the sheer stupidity of having 30,000 turn up to work on the same day to start their new job is quite unbelievable.  The result was issues such as consultants being unable to plan operating lists because they had no idea which junior doctors would be on their team or what skills they would have!  Will the DoH change their plans for next year?  They seem pretty adamant right now that all is ticking over just fine in the NHS - Martin Marshall, deputy chief medical officer for England, said: "-August is always a quiet month, which is why the junior doctor rotation happens at this time every year. The numbers involved will be higher this time, but NHS trusts are used to dealing with this issue and have plans in place to make sure services run properly-."  Really? 

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