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MTAS strikes again!

04 Sep 2007 - JG

Despite reports last week that the NHS has gloriously balanced the books and managed to hoard £1bn of public money to "reinvest" in the health service, there are reports that Junior Doctors are being short changed by £500 a week due to... you've guessed it - MTAS!  As if the junior doctors hadn't been through enough for one summer.  Due to the rush to get as many doctors in posts as possible, there has been no time (apparently) to work out who is actually doing what rota and therefore who should be paid what. Junior doctors tend to start on a basic salary of between £20,000 and £25,000 a year with a supplement of around £10,000 based on the length and intensity of their work.  In order to solve the problem everyone is getting the same salary i.e. the lowest level pay without the supplement.

The Department of Health is still cleaning up the mess from the fiasco and yet are refusing to take any responsibility or claiming that there would be any lasting impact.  Fortunately for Arthur "Alan Johnson" Fonzarelli, he can still blame Hewitt and the rest of predecessors - though he has been strangely silent on the matter.  However he can not blame the ills of the NHS on the problems of the past forever - it's going to be an eventful six months or so Mr Johnson

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