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Dave, National Service and the end of societies ills

07 Sep 2007 - JG

Vote Dave!  He has come up with a sure fire, water tight, can not fail, genius idea to save the future of this country.  It won't be long until we leave our front doors open again, teenagers will stop their underage drinking, boys will stop fighting, drugs will disappear and we'll come together in one big brotherly love fest.  This is the future ladies and gentlemen and all because Dave has worked it out - he must have done, the Sun called his plan genius.  So, what is it?  Send teenagers on national service.  And put £500 in the pocket in the process - not to blow on booze, of course.  Cameron wants to send every 16 year old on a six week jolly where the bone idle will, for some unknown reason, suddenly want to climb three peaks and the book obsessed class swots will suddenly become sport mad jocks. 

Of course, the scheme won't be compulsory and it seems that the common sense would suggest the only people that would go on these courses are the people that like the services on offer - kind of defeating the object you might say.  It will also cost vast sums of money I would expect, all in the name of basically providing an adventure holiday for adventure seeking kids.  Nothing wrong with that, but is this something the tax payer should be paying out for?  What evidence is there that this is going to make a blind bit of difference?  Of course, maybe I am being overly critical and pessimistic, and after hearing Dave on the idea, I am softening up on the idea; when I read this, I had a lump in my throat and a tear rolled from my eye - 

-"This to me is absolutely central to what I want to do for and with this country," he said. It would also help bring together people from different backgrounds - "north and south, black and white, rich and poor".-

God bless you Dave - the idea may be a load of old crap, but it sounds great!  Cry God for Harry! England and St George!

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