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"From Womb to Tomb"

12 Sep 2007 - JG

First he had to put up with the mess left behind from his predecessor, then he started to come under fire himself but now Alan Johnson has officially lost it. He is now a fully fledged Health Secretary and the process to ruining his political credibility is now well and truly under way. The Fonze has come out with a new initiative to save the country from becoming one mass of fat and therefore saving the NHS. The plan is "From Womb to Tomb" - how catchy.

Johnson's knee jerk reaction from yesterday's criticism by Sir Derek Wanless is to beef up the nanny state and tell everyone how to live, which includes telling us to stop drinking and eating. To do this he is going to DOUBLE public spending on campaigns to reduce alcohol consumption amongst other money wasting ideas. Apparently, according to Big Al, we are "now less concerned about a nanny state than [we] are about a neglectful state". Really? This is a brilliant way of justifying government interference in our lives - if the government does not poke their noses in to our every day life they are being neglectful!! That can be used to justify just about any action the state wishes to carry out. Worrying rhetoric indeed. Why can you just not admit that you have wasted £48m and now is the time to cut and run. You have failed a million times before, you will fail again.

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