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What is the NHS for?

13 Sep 2007 - JG

The very reason we have an NHS is to ensure that those in society who may not be able to afford the luxuries in life can at least have free (at the point of use) health care that is of the same quality to that every one else gets in society.  Such is the state of the NHS, however, that is not the case.  It is the poorest and most vulnerable in society that are getting the raw deal when it comes to health care.  If the NHS is failing these people, what is it for?

The postcode lottery is being used to highlight the differences in health care we get across Britain.  It has shown that the poorest people live for an average of 76.2 years, while the richest live for 80.4 years.  Alan Johnson (Health Secretary) has said that "-We have to break the links between lack of wealth and poor health: giving everyone the chance to contribute fully to society, whether they are born in a council estate or on a country estate-."  A sentiment I fully agree with. However, worryingly it is the methods that the government want to go about this that means his wish will never be realised.  As always, the DoH believes that higher spending on the NHS will solve the problem.  When will they realise that this has not worked in the past and will never work.  The public purse is not a bottomless pit from which the government can dip its hands in to when wishes so that it can pour the money down the drain that is the NHS.  There are limits, ones which I feel we have exceeded, as to how far we can throw money at the NHS.  It seems everyone agrees that the NHS is not working and is not fair.  It is the same old problems preceding the same old flawed solutions.  

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