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That NHS upgrade system - it's not very good, is it?

19 Sep 2007 - JG

Security breach on Government's £12bn upgrade computer system shocker!  So the new computer system in the NHS isn't a tight as Fort Knox or even as secure as the flies on John Prescott's trousers it turns out.  What a surprise.  Amusingly, it was a celebrity whose details have been pried upon by some geek locked away in his bedroom somewhere, no doubt, with the hope of making a few quid out of the News of the World.  Unfortunately they didn't name the celebrity involved, though it was in the North West region and probably someone with a sort after medical history... it couldn't be a certain Mr Blair could it?  Wishful thinking, but the poetic justice would be perfect, wouldn't it?  (Mr Blair is a celebrity now, isn't he? – in fact he always was!)

This whole project, as I have said before, is a vast waste of money and is inevitably going to create as many if not far more problems than it solves.  If they can't get this right, then how they are getting away with going ahead with ID cards I have no idea.

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