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Clean hospitals? What a novel idea

24 Sep 2007 - JG

Yesterday Gordon Brown made one of the most ground breaking, novel, ingenious, brilliant promises any politician has ever made.  The saviour of the NHS promised us clean hospitals for all.  Yes, that's right - while the rest us having been trying to work out what the most basic, obvious thing a hospital should be, Brown put his finger on it by making the pledge that we will no longer have to suffer from catching disease and viruses from the one place we go to get rid of them. 

Why does he have to make this pledge in the first place?  The man has spent billions upon billions upon billions on the NHS and ten years down the line he talking about making them hygienic!  Surely a hygienic hospital is the first thing it should be - not the after thought of ten years failed investment. 

Mr Brown said: "-We know that over time, ingrained cleanliness problems build up, especially in hard-to-reach places like ceilings and ventilation ducts, which cannot be dealt with by day-to-day cleaning. So over the next year, for the first time, every hospital will receive a 'deep clean' designed to return our hospitals to the state they were in when they were built brand new-."  What on earth is he talking about? 

Is he saying that no one has cleaned the ceiling for the last ten years?  Why not?  These are hospitals we're talking about, not the local pub.  Hospitals getting a "deep clean" every ten years?  How about clean them properly on a regular basis and you won’t need your ten year “deep clean”.  I hope he doesn't get the plaudits for his "deep clean" initiative.  It's like tripping up an old granny and then getting praise for helping her up.  If they hadn't let the hospitals get in this state in the first place, we wouldn't need this "deep clean" in the first place.

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