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Time-travelling economics

26 Mar 2009 - Bruno Prior

BBC journalists were reporting last night that Gordon Brown, who is apparently an avid student of history, was explaining how it was important to reach agreement at the G20 on a broad, fiscal stimulus, or it would be like 1933, when failure by the governments to reach agreement led to the Great Depression.

This seems somewhat inconsistent with the line that we have seen repeated by many journalists, particularly in the BBC, that recovery began in 1932, with the introduction of the New Deal.

So we started recovering in 1932 from a Depression that began in 1933, did we? Do the Brownite/Keynesian crowd have no shame in their manipulation of history?

And where is the BBC's coverage of Dan Hannan's speech to Gordon at the European Parliament, which is currently the most-viewed video globally on YouTube? Fox News have covered it, but our media...


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