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Wood pellets

Not the most exciting thing, but Google resolutely refuses to notice the website for Forever Fuels, the business I am running and trying to promote. We don't get listed at all under a search for wood pellets, even though we are the UK's largest supplier of wood pellets, and we have done every bit of SEO that you are told to do. Apparently, it is probably because we need more links from other sites, so I'm just posting this to add to the links in to our site.

Ford's idea of green

Good news from the Energy Saving Trust's website:

"A new carbon reduction method for diesel vehicles is set to be demonstrated on Ford's fleet of vehicles in the near future....To be trialed on Ford's Power Stroke diesel vehicles, the technology is hoped to reduce carbon emissions and increase engine torque."

Fantastic. But...

"Ford is set to unveil its 6.4-litre Power Stroke engine in its new F-Series pickup next year, which is set to be the company's cleanest ever diesel."

6.4 litres!!! If that's their idea of clean, I want to see what a really dirty Ford pickup looks like. Much like their current fleet, I suppose, which tells you how badly run and behind the times they have got.

I've got an idea. If you want to save energy and/or carbon, don't run a truck with a 6.4-litre engine.